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General Questions

Do you have a size chart?
Not at this time. But it is something that is in the works! However, our items do fit true to size. 

I saw in a post on social media some merch that I liked, but when I went to your website I didn't see it. Will it be available?
We love that you are keeping tabs on things! Unfortunately, if it is not currently shown on our website, it is not available at this time. We love to keep things exciting and are constantly creating new things for you. However, we may bring back things from the past from time to time. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest drops!

Do you have reviews?
Not at the moment! But this is something we are hoping to bring on board soon!

What if the item I ordered arrives and it doesn’t look like the photo on the store?
Sometimes the images used on the store are digital mock-ups of what the product is intended to look like. This will typically vary once the product is created and shipped out. In other cases, products are hand-dyed, or otherwise created using processes that by definition vary from item to item. As a result, each item may look a little different from others of the same design. Where this is the case we’ll do our best to let you know up front.

Question about a return/exchange? Check out our policies.
Question about shipping? Check out our tracking and shipping information

Can’t find your answer? Email us at MERCH@INSIGNIACOLLAB.COM